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Update 21 Nov 2005
As of late 19 Nov 2005 we moved to a much larger server. Newly-arriving email is going into the new mailboxes. There are Virus filters and SPAM filters (set at medium-sensitivity) already activated.

We now have web-browser access to our email mailboxes (WebMail), both for reading, composing, and sending email. We have wanted to add this feature for some time.

Since there are so many free email services, Mboxes is no longer a viable business, but we continue to maintain mailboxes for our current customers. However, new subscriptions are (for now) closed. Special circumstances will be considered.

For several days users will continue to be able to GET their old email off the old server. Use for the location of the POP server instead of the now-obsolete or locations.

There is also a new SMTP server, for sending email, if needed. Usually, your ISP already provides you with such a sending-email (SMTP) server.

Users who have not received instructions about accessing their new mailbox (the same email address) at the new POP server should contact us quickly.

GET HELP: If you need help, email the garyg99 mailbox at and be sure to include the word Mboxes in the subject line. Since an email "reply" to an email would go to your new mailbox (which you do not know how to access), be sure to include another email address where you can receive an emailed response (or, in the USA, in lower 48 states, a phone number and a good time to call).

Previously ... SUCCESS: The new Email Server is wonderfully successful, with no problems reported so far.

SPAM DOWN: The SMTP server is blocking virtually all SPAM messages. My own SPAM load dropped by more than 99 percent.

NOTE: The Mboxes mailbox names no longer have the added .mb suffix (added to the user address). Also, please do not create addresses with a period in the user address, but use an underscore instead (if you desire such punctuation in your email address).

NOTE: All of the administrative mailboxes were closed (sales, billing, test, etc.) due to lack of serious use. However, I am now considering re-opening the test mailbox.

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We want each subscriber to be a satisfied customer. When you sign up, become satisfied with the service, then send in your check. A new mailbox is often available for your use within 24 hours of your subscription (sometimes a little longer, depending upon workload, weekends, and holidays).

Mboxes Systems Status - 19 June 2000 Update

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