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These Questions are answered below:

Q: Why would I need a "Lifetime Email Address(tm)"? Index

Q: Will I need to get Email from several Mailboxes? Index

Q: Do you read or censor my Mail? Index

Q: How long will you hold my Mail? Index

Q: How much can my Mailbox hold? Index

Q: Do you handle Attachments, and how Large can they be? Index

Q: Normally, what is involved in changing my ISP? Index

Q: With a Lifetime Email Address, is changing my ISP easier? Index

Q: Is having my "Own" Mailbox expensive? Index

Q: Will you just "hook" me with low rates, then raise them? Index

Q: Why subscribe for a longer term? Index

Q: How about the places that just charge a one-time fee? Index

Q: Who is Video Image Presentation Systems? Index

Q: Why did you start Mboxes.com? Index

    We started it for three important reasons:

  1. To make some money offering you a good service at an affordable price
  2. To serve a real need in the fast-paced world of the Internet,
    your Own "Lifetime" Mailbox and URL
  3. To use and demonstrate some of our Website Creation skills

Q: Why don't you have more Graphics and Glitz on your pages? Index

Q: Why is your site's response time so variable? Index

Q: Why don't you move to the Faster Server now? Index

Q: Can you provide a "Lifetime" Web address for my Web Site? Index

Q: Will the "Lifetime URL(tm)" handle huge volumes of traffic? Index

Q: Do I have to pay extra for a Lifetime URL(tm) auto-link? Index

Q: Does Mboxes(tm) benefit from providing a Lifetime URL(tm)? Index

Q: Might my group qualify for the Discount Rate? Index

Q: Does Mboxes(tm) provide on-line Subscription forms? Index

Q: Does Mboxes(tm) accept Credit Cards for payment? Index

Q: From CompuServe, can I get my Email from Mboxes(tm)? Index

Q: I could sign up a lot of people. May I become a Sales Rep? Index

Q: My site is frequently visited. Could it be a "Sales Rep"? Index

Q: What does the "Don't Deliver" checkbox do? Index

Q: Is this a phony group mailbox, with long processing delays? Index

Q: As you get more subscribers, will the system "overload"? Index

Q: Occasionally I get no response. Is your system down? Index

Q: Is arriving mail "lost" when your system is down? Index

Q: How do I send mail when your system is down? Index

Q: May I ask another Question? Index

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